Seven emotions we’re sure you felt buying your first designer bag

It’s more of a rollercoaster than you’d expect

  1. Excitement
    You’ve been waiting for this day since you were six and you saw that stylish lady strutting down the street with that Chanel bag slung over her shoulder.


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  2. Accomplishment
    Saving for this bag hasn’t been an easy ride and has taken a little longer than originally thought, you know with those ’emergency’ boots you had to get. BUT, you did it and today you can walk into the swanky bag shop and actually buy something.


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  3. Doubt
    You’re in that swanky bag shop and questioning whether this is actually good idea. Are you a little out of place? Is spending three months wage on a bag very adult? How will you pay your rent?


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  4. Realisation
    But then you see the bag. The one that’s been in your dreams for the last few months and any shred of doubt dissappears from your mind. Take my money!!


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  5. Giddyness 
    You’re buying the bag of your dreams! It’s all a bit of a blur – the shop assisstant wraps your bag in one of those fancy dust bags, you hand over your card, you’re given the fanciest carrier bag you’ve ever had and walk out the shop in a daze.


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  6. Buyer’s guilt
    What have you done?! You’ve just spent the most money you’ve ever spent in one go on a bag! A bloody bag! But, it is just so pretty…


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  7. Happiness
    Okay, so it’s sinking in. You’ve just bought your first designer bag. This day should be remembered forever! Maybe it could be a nationwide holiday?


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