Five gifts we’d be happy to receive this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day triggers a range of responses – from lovey-dovey couples that can’t wait to bitter singles who shudder if you utter the V word. But in our eyes if it means we get given gifts, or have an excuse to spoil ourselves then we’re fine with it. Here are a few things we’ve got our eyes on.

A fancy necklace or some pretty rings

Jewellery is probably the most popular, go-to gift on Valentine’s Day but we’re definitely not complaining. Good things come in small packages, right? Pandora rings are great presents to give/receive as there are so many options. For a bigger treat we’re lusting over this lush Tiffany heart necklace, which is a bit pricier but a totally timeless, classic piece.

A gorgeous new purse


If your loved one likes to really spoil you on Feb 14th then why not drop a few hints about a new purse, like these lovely pink ones from Mulberry.

A sparkly phone case

These glitter liquid cases that are everywhere right now make a great gift – affordable, practical and pretty. Check out SkinnyDip London or have a search eBay for even cheaper options.

Some gorgeous lingerie 

Underwear counts as an accessory right? Because, yes it’s cliché but is it really V Day without a bit of nice underwear? Obviously Victoria’s Secret does some lovely stuff, but also check out Boux Avenue which is equally as pretty and a little more affordable (they offer student discount too).

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