How to look after your handbags

The ultimate guide to looking after your prized possession(s)

With advice from Handbag Clinic 

We all know buying our first designer handbag is a milestone and the next few weeks we cherish that bag like a child. Cradling it in our arms when on the bus, because we definitely aint putting it on the floor. Showing it off to all our friends and family and flashing to cashiers when we get our purse out at the till.

But what about in the long term – how do you keep your bag in pristine condition? Well, pristine is probably a little optimistic but with these tips we hope you can keep your bag looking great for a long time.



Buy smart
It’s easy to get carried away when bag shopping and not think through your purchase but if you want to your bag to look good for as long as possible then a simple black bag is usually the most durable option.

Adam Staerck, Manager at Handbag Clinic, Newcastle, told us: “A black pigmented leather will always withstand all day-to-day uses showing the least wear and tear.”

After you’ve bought your bag the first thing you should do is protect with a leather spray/cream, try the brand Collonil which is available on Amazon. Alternatively the brand you’re buying your bag from might offer their own care products so ask in store.

As you take your baby bag out and about it’s bound to start showing signs of use, but there are a few things you can do to keep it looking its best. 

To stop the darkening of handles you should wipe them down with damp cloth after every use, this will remove any dirt and grease transferred from your skin.

“We recommend to clean and re-protect your bag roughly every three months, depending on how often you use your bag,” Adam from Handbag Clinic advised. 

To store your bag stuff it and place it in its dust bag in a dry place – make sure the wardrobe/cupboard you choose isn’t likely to get damp, because nobody wants a mouldy bag.

 What to do if disaster strikes?!
Let’s talk about a couple of potential catastrophes that could happen to your beloved bag.

You’re at a party or bar and suddenly a clumsy drunk, maybe yourself maybe not, knocks red wine all over your pale bag.



Take a dry cloth and blot the liquid. Whatever you do DO NOT RUB. This will only spread the stain and push the stain further into the leather. Hopefully, if the leather was protected and you act quick enough, the liquid should lift away.

The pen knocking around in the bottom of your bag has leaked ink onto the bag’s lining.



Unfortunately ink is a pain to get out and will probably stain. However, to lessen the damage try lifting the lining out to stop the ink soaking into the leather. A great tip is to always keep items prone to leaking inside a pouch or make-up case inside your bag.

If you ever find your designer bag needs a little TLC or you need help recovering it from an unexpected disaster then visit Handbag Clinic.

Adam reassured us: “Everything can be saved, however it is down the economics as to whether the item is worth the investment in saving it.”

They have stores in Leeds, Chelsea, Islington and Newcastle.


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