“Pom-poms or glitter – that’s like asking who’s your favourite child!”

Crafty queen Rosy Nicholas is the mastermind behind the colourful set designs at Lazy Oaf’s shoots, but she’s stepping out from behind the scenes with her DIY accessories book Dress You Up.

                                                                                                                         Photo credit: Katie Bagley

Rosy has an extensive CV alongside her published book though she modestly claims: “I don’t know if I still really know what the hell I’m doing.”

Her work history, however, seems to disagree as she’s worked with a number of high profile brands, such as Selfridges, Estēe Lauder, Adidas and Lazy Oaf.

“They’re such a fun brand and there’s always loads of colour and they’re cartoony” says Rosy about Lazy Oaf, labelling them the “funnest brand” to work with. She’s done projects like the set, props and accessories for their Garfield collection lookbook. The colourful and playful vibe of Lazy Oaf really matches Rosy’s crafty style of design and through the projects she’s done for them she’s even become pally with Gemma the Lazy Oaf owner.

Though after graduating from Camberwell College of Arts with a degree in Graphic Design Rosy wasn’t quite sure what path her career was going to take. She now finds it “insane that I thought I’d wanna do graphics” and it took a couple of part time jobs and internships for her to think about accessories and making things for people.

“I guess I was just always crafty so I always knew I would probably end up making something with my hands” and that, and a penchant for glitter, is what lead Rosy to hand making accessories.

Sharing an insight into her design choices she said: “If I ever have anything and I think it needs some dressing up I just will glitter it, if you just cover something in glitter it always looks better” and her go-to for a DIY-ed gift is anything pom-pom related.


“I’ve never met anyone that didn’t like them, so yeah, I make a lot of pom-pom necklaces. I just make a whole load of pom-poms and just string them up and people can wear them or just hang them up in their bedroom.”

But when asked to choose between pom-poms and glitter Rosy faced a real dilemma: “I was going to say glitter because I think there might be a time when I don’t ever want to see pom-poms again, whereas glitter is always pleasing because its shiny.

“But you can ask me that again in two days and I’ll probably change my mind. That’s like asking your favourite child! So I don’t know, I refuse to answer.”

Rosy’s pom-pom necklaces and loads of other pretty and simple DIY accessory tutorials are in her recently published book Dress You Up. The book is what she labels as the biggest “pinch me” achievement of her career so far. On the day it came out she had the surreal experience of being face-to-face with her own work in one of London’s biggest book shops.


Photo credit: Katie Bagley

“I kind of stood in front of it for a few seconds and didn’t really know what to do. I got a bit shy and thought oh god what if someone sees me?! I suddenly was arrrgh this is a bit weird, and sort of like waved at it, and scurried out the shop really quickly.”

Her aesthetically pleasing book contains 30 accessories to make and wear as well as techniques and tips for shopping for materials, such as plastic bag flower crowns and embellished sunglasses. The beautifully designed pages and tutorials are simple and easy to follow, but teach you to produce unique accessories that make great statement pieces or fab gifts.


You can buy Dress You Up on Amazon here or from all popular bookstores and make sure to follow Rosy on Instagram here.

Photo credit (top photo): Nina Manandhar

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