Three YouTubers to watch if you’re obsessed with bags as much as we are

If hauls, collections and un-boxings are your thing then we got you.

There’s a special part of the Internet devoted to people showing off their fave handbags, giving us a look inside them and un-boxing their new purchases and it’s somewhere we find ourselves spending hours, days. If you too like binge watching these videos then here are some of our most-loved channels.



Tamara Kalinic

This is the ultimate channel for designer obsessives and her countless videos give us hours of footage to lust over.

Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia’s channel is full of gorgeous handbag hauls and styling videos of outfits and bag combos.

Amelia Liana

This channel is the perfect mix of vlogs and fashion videos filled with amazing handbags.

Chase Amie

Amie is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to designer purchases. Her videos are full of in-depth reviews of bags, including measurements, size comparisons, durability and the other details to consider when making a big purchase.

There you have it, don’t blame us when you spend your whole Sunday in the depth of YouTube.

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