SHOP SAVVY: How to shop smart and save money when buying accessories

Thank us later, you’re bank account will. 

If you’re here reading this chances are you have a love for accessories, and potentially a  persistent shopping habit. Two things that, together, can have a negative impact on your bank account.


But don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are a few ways you can shop smart, get the most for your money and convince your friends and family that you’re not a spend-a-holic.

Do your research
It’s easy to get carried and impulse buy when you find something you love, but that’s not necessarily the clever thing to do – especially when buying designer goods. Shop around instead. You might be surprised to find that sometimes prices can change between websites, even if it’s just a few pounds.


Sign up to newsletters
You know that annoying pop-up that you get when you first visit a website? Don’t hastily close it. READ IT! Often signing up to the newsletter will get you a 10% or 15% code to use saving you valuable ££££.


If you hastily clicked off the pop-up try visiting the site on another browser (or turn on private browsing) and hopefully it’ll make another appearance. Newsletters may be a little annoying when they’re spamming your inbox, but they sometimes they’ll pay off with nice little discount code for you.

Make the most of loyalty schemes
Lots of websites have loyalty schemes that are totally worth signing up too – especially if you’re a regular customer of that particular site.

Footwear brand, Public Desire, have a scheme called Baes With Benefits that rewards shoppers with two points for every £1 they spend. Every 100 points gets shoppers £1 to spend. Other simple tasks, like signing up to the newsletter and following them on social media, will also earn points. Definitely worth signing up if shoes are your thing.

The Public Desire team told us: “We wanted to reward our customers for being loyal PDBaes by offering a scheme where they could redeem points instantly. We are aware our customers are always looking for the best and easiest way to shop and we felt this instant reward would be the best way to reinforce customer loyalty.”

“The best thing about the scheme is that it is instant. As soon as the customer earns they can spend, which suits our shopper perfectly.”




So there you go. A few tips to help you save some dosh when you’re shopping. Just don’t blame us when you’re using it as an excuse to buy more…

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