Pretty jewellery and flexible hours? Stella & Dot Stylists have got it all

Stella & Dot is the company inspiring women up and down the country to become self-employed jewellery stylists

Haven’t heard of Stella & Dot? Then think Avon. But, instead of questionable gimmicky make-up products and catalogues on your doorstep, it’s beautiful high-quality jewellery, accessories and prosecco-filled parties.

Stella & Dot came from across the pond as the brainchild of CEO Jessica Herrin, who has made her fortune with the company and continues to inspire women to give up their constrictive office jobs and take the path to being their own boss.

S&D 3

Highly successful Stylist Denny Baxter-Hill, from Whitchurch on Thames, South Oxfordshire, tells us more: “For any age group it’s the opportunity to earn money in a totally flexible way – in that you fit it round your family, you fit it round your children, fit it round your job, fit it round whatever your lifestyle is.

“Earning money flexibly. That’s the key thing,” she confirms.

Whether you’re a student, a recent graduate, a nine-til-five worker or a new mum you’ll be able to fit Stella & Dot into your life. Denny has been a Stylist for almost six years, since the day Stella & Dot launched in the UK in October 2011!

She is a huge advocate of the brand – that much that she cleared her wardrobe of any other accessories when she signed up.

“All my jewellery I just sold on or gave away,” she says, explaining how wearing and showing off the jewellery is a huge part of the selling process for her.

Her confidence in the products seems justified: “Customers just come back over, over, over and over again for the jewellery.

S&D 2

“Stella & Dot is the most innovative company out there,” she tells us, and with all her hard work she become the first Executive Director in the whole of Europe. She is now head of a team of over 600 women who are named the Dazzlers.

Though she remains humble: “I wouldn’t have got there without the team, you can’t do this business on your own – and that’s where this whole feeling of helping other people comes from.”

Denny explains: “This business is all about encouragement and motivation.

“Women support other women,” she confirms strongly.

Vicky Summerson has been a Stylist for four years now. She found Stella & Dot through a friend and thought it would be a great job to fit around her two young kids and home life in Burley In Wharfedale. She said goodbye to her job in TV and she’s never looked back.

“Four years later and I’m still here,” she says.

Vicky explained: “What I love about it is everyone is all very genuine. It’s the most positive thing.”

The Stella & Dot community brings the Stylists together through social media and meetings including the yearly Hoopla conference, where ladies from up and down the country get together to listen to talks, preview new collections and share experiences.

“It’s great,” says Vicky. When you walk into that room full of other stylists you just know “you’re all in it together.”

As well as the community feeling you get as a stylist you can be fully flexible with your time. You sell your goods through ‘trunk shows’ at clients or online through your own page on the website.

Stella & Dot covers everything from earrings to bracelets and even a collection of small leather goods. From stackable bracelets and ear cuffs “the collections are really fashion forward,” says Vicky. The customisable Bespoke range lets you “tell your story” through your jewellery with initial necklaces and personalisable pieces.

 Visit Denny’s website here.

Denny’s top five Stella & Dot picks:

1. Covet Pave Initial Necklace, £295, “It’s beautiful little initials in diamonds, so I never take that off I’ve always got my D around my neck.”

2. Bespoke Delicate Necklace, £65, “Another piece I always wear is a necklace with Dazzlers written on it because that’s my team name.”

3. Rachelle Tassel Chandeliers, £40, “Amazing.”

4. Gita Tassel Earrings, £36, “Just fabulous.”

5. Zoe Lariat Necklace, £85, ” In actual fact that is the best-selling necklace we do … purely and simply because it is the most versatile to wear.”


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