Build a bag: the rise of personalisation

There’s something special about having something that no-one else has, about putting your personal touches to an item or about having something with your name and initials monogrammed on it.

This option to personalise your accessories is the market the designer, and high street, brands are tapping into.

Designer brand Anya Hindmarch has been paving the way in customisable accessories since 2015 when she launched The Sticker Shop with her Spring/Summer collection.

“Creativity, modern craftsmanship and personalisation sit at the heart of everything Anya Hindmarch does. The launch of Stickershop shaped a global cult of leather stickers, allowing customers to create their own personal artwork,” her press office told us.

This launch proved hugely popular. A quick search of #anyahindmarch on Instagram brings up 88,295 posts showing people styling their stickers and making their bags unique.

This month Anya Hindmarch took the personalisation of their accessories a step further. Now online, and in store, you can create your dream bag from start to finish.

“Part of an on-going commitment to reconnect the craftsman and the customer, each bespoke piece is – as Anya says – about ‘having your name on something, rather than mine’.”

You start by picking the size of the bucket bag (small £895 or large £995) choosing the colour of the body and the straps. Then you can add shoulder straps, key rings, key fobs, stickers and ruffs (a decorative accessory that sits round the strap).

You can do this online in the virtual Build A Bag lab, playing around with each element and mocking up your perfect bag in front of your eyes. Or by visiting the Anya Hindmarch boutiques in London on Bond Street or Sloane Street.

If you’re looking for a cheaper, high street alternative then Accessorize have a similar concept, with a range of camera bags (from £15) and interchangeable straps (from £10).

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