What’s in my bag: Magpie Editor, Beth

A peek inside the Editor’s handbag …

Today Beth, the Editor here at Magpie, talks you through what’s in her bag for a day at the races…


Who doesn’t love a little nosey around in someone’s bag? Well, this is what I’m packing for a day trip to the races on Saturday, in my new fluffy, lilac bag from Primark (I know, amazing)!

It’s quite a small bag, but I’m definitely an over-packer and this forces me to be picky with what I take so that’s good!


First up is my phone (obvs) and a little purse for a bit of change, my bank card and ID. These small cardholder-style purses have revolutionised the way I pack, especially on days like this – who needs a massive purse stuffed with a wad of loyalty cards that you never use!?

Then we’ve got a few make-up must-haves. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and a brush and Too Faced Lipstick (Child Star) for touch-ups when my face starts to look worse for wear and Pink Grapefruit Body Mist, which is the best summery fragrance.

So, there you go. Those are my packing-light-essentials, maybe with the extra addition of a mirror… And looking at the weather forecast (hello 24 degrees sunshine) maybe some suncream too … Okay, told you I struggle to pack light …

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