Fashion at your fingertips: Nail art is your best accessory

The key to on-trend accessorising is in your hands

When we think of accessorising we think watches, rings and necklaces but the key to cool accessorising could be at your fingertips. Nail art.

Fingernails are a blank canvas prepped and ready to be match whatever outfit you’re wearing or reflect whatever mood you’re in.

Nail art shot to popularity around 2010 after Dalston-born brand WAH Nails, created by Sharmadean Reid, got a space in Topshop Oxford Circus and hit the mainstream (fast-forward to 2017 and they’ve left behind Topshop and opened a flagship store in Soho).

We talk to nail artist and WAH girl Sadie Jordan, 20, about nail art as an accessory.

She’s been working for WAH for just over a year, after being a self-confessed fan girl of the brand for many years, alongside studying BA Fashion Illustration at London College of Fashion.

“I’ve loved the company for years! I started off by painting my own nails all the time, watching youtube tutorials and making up my own designs on nail wheels for hours on end in my bedroom.”

The designs Sadie paints on hers and her client’s nails are super intricate and she believes a set of well-manicured talons deserve to be considered as an accessory.

“I rarely ever wear rings myself and definitely think that nail art is a more than an adequate contender for accessories.”

Nail art can speak volumes on its own, but stacking rings and adding bracelets can give you “edgy and cool” look.

“However, if the nail art is super blingy and decked out with rhinestones then jewellery can be a bit of an overkill.

“It’s all about balance!” Sadie explains.

WAH Nails is known for its fashion forward designs and turning current trends into wearable art.

Sadie tells us: “Fashion and beauty go hand in hand.

“A lot of our clients are influenced by our Instagram feed, which is usually trend savvy. We always like to stay on top of trends and we’re the first company to translate fashion designs into nail art.”

Take gingham as an example – a trend that is EVERYWHERE on the high street right now and Sadie shows us how to channel the checkered trend on our nails.


A great way to accessorise using nail art is matching the design to a particular outfit or print that you’re loving wearing – it could be an outfit for a special occasion like prom or a wedding.

“A lot of our clients love to match their nails to their outfits which often results in trend based nail art.

“I don’t have one particular design that’s my favourite,” she explains, “but I’m proud of the playing card nails I did.”

There are huge possibilities for nail art and a quick browse of the WAH Nails Instagram page shows how you can go for a subtle design on natural nails or totally embrace blinged-up glitter nails with acrylic extensions.


Images from WAH Nails Instagram, find the artist here.

“If you want to make a statement with your nails, I’d suggest illusion glitter which is a mega shiny new glitter that we buff into gel polish. The glitters come in tons of different colours and you can put the transparent glitters over any base including ombré which looks sick!”

Follow Sadie on Instagram to check out her amazing work!

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