#HandbagHorrorStories 1


In this new series we’ll be sharing with you some of the worst handbag disasters experienced by you guys out there!


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Karina, 25, from Watford – permanent marker + handbag = disaster
“A purple sharpie pen leaked on the inside of my Neverfull Louis Vuitton bag. I almost cried, as it was the first mark I had got on the bag and I love it so much as it was a birthday present from my fiancé. I wasn’t going to tell him, as I knew he’d be annoyed- but when I did I told him it was his fault as it’s his pen!! We laughed after though.”


Emma Hudson-Smith, 34, West Yorkshire – a happy ending
“I’d waited for a specific Mulberry bag to hit the sale and then I bought a gorgeous brown lambskin satchel style bag. I had the bag for around six months, but probably only used it about half a dozen times, when I noticed a small hole had appeared on the back of the bag just below where the handle was attached.

I took it back to the Mulberry shop in Leeds but they didn’t have an exact leather match for my bag so wouldn’t repair it. Instead Mulberry gave me a credit note for the full amount I had paid and because I had waited for this particular bag to hit the sale they also gave me a discount on another purchase.

I was over the moon with the additional discount and was very impressed with the customer service. Needless to say I spent my credit note and used my discount and still love the brand!!”

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