How to create a capsule jewellery collection

A little guide to curating the perfect jewellery collection

You’ll have probably heard of people with a ‘capsule wardrobe’ – an idea that came from London fashion boutique owner Susie Faux in the 1970s – of carefully curated timeless items that are easily interchangeable and that will never go out of fashion.

Effective capsule wardrobes can take time to put together (we all know finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans isn’t easy) but once you’ve found the fashion items you love then getting dressed in the morning becomes a breeze and you’ll never be left thinking ‘I have nothing to wear!’

Alongside a clothes capsule wardrobe we suggest you need a capsule collection of go-with-everything jewellery.

We talk to Frankie, from the Team at ALEXI London, who offers advice on putting together a capsule jewellery wardrobe.

Build on what you already own
“Everyone has their go-to item of jewellery that they wear day in, day out. Whether its a pair of earrings that are always worn, or a ring that’s never taken off. You simply need to build on it,” Frankie tells us.

What to buy
Some items we suggest:
one everyday simple necklace; with a small pendant (like an initial or small stone)
one ‘statement’ necklace; this is for evening and can be very sparkly or colourful
plain choker; an optional item, but can be great for layering with the other necklaces
a watch; with a black leather strap or a strap in your chosen metal
two bracelets; one that matches your watch and sits nicely next to it and one for the other wrist
everyday earrings; this depends on how many piercings you have, but we suggest a simple set of studs to be worn on an every day basis and then small hoops in the same metal for other holes. ALEXI London sell individual earrings if you have an odd number of piercings!
statement earrings; a fancier pair to be worn for occasions, could be dramatic drop earrings or an interesting set of crawlers.
a few rings; a couple of rings to be worn on various fingers, but this really depends on preference and whether you wear an engagement/wedding ring.

An example of a silver capsule jewellery collection:

All from ALEXI London, hover over each image for info

Invest in the basics
“There’s nothing worse than buying a piece of jewellery on the high street, wearing it once, and finding it broken.”

Spending a little more money on essential items in your collection will pay off in the long run, because they will last longer.

“Investing a couple more pounds into something that is made of a good quality material like Sterling Silver gives you a bit more reassurance that it won’t tarnish, turn your fingers green or snap straight away.”

Pick your metal
Some people will already have a preferred finish for their jewellery and, for example, only ever wear silver pieces. When creating your capsule collection it’s a good idea to choose one metal and buy each item in that finish so everything is cohesive.

Add personal touches
Yes, a capsule collection is based around the idea of simple and classic items that effortlessly go together, but it’s important to keep a bit of personality. As time goes on you can build on your basics and add in pieces that reflect you.

“We have some gorgeous pieces that make a statement when you wear them. Our Mini Hollow Circle (£45) necklaces are timeless and always gets noticed when worn. We also have our Star Crawlers (£65) and Star Peekaboo (£75) earrings that make you stand out from the crowd as they are quite unusual.

We hope you have fun putting together your capsule collection – tweet us pics to @_magpiemagazine.

Shop ALEXI London here.

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