Is ring stacking a wearable trend?

How to stack like an Instagram pro


With advice from Dixi

Instagram is full of hands with beautifully manicured nails and fingers layered up with beautiful rings of all shapes and sizes. But we all know to take what we see on Instagram, with a pinch of salt.

Do people really wear that many rings on a daily basis? Is it not annoying? Or uncomfortable?

Magpie Editor, Beth, investigates…

rings 8_Fotor

First thing’s first – choosing the rings.
I found picking the rings a little overwhelming, where do I even start?

Keeley, ring expert from boho jewellery store Dixi – who specialise in sterling silver rings, tells me: “It’s always good to have a mix of plain silver rings and rings with stones. Choosing stone colours that compliment each other help to pull a whole stack together.”

I have a silver Pandora ring with clear stones in it, that I always wear on my middle finger, so I thought I’d begin with that. After that I just picked some of my favourite rings out my collection and layered them up until I was happy with how they all looked.

rings 14_Fotor

“Many of our jewels are designed so they can be stacked with similar styles for example a more pointed style,” Keeley explains, Β “however often they work well with a completely different style. It’s the same as pulling together an outfit, as long as there’s one key theme pulling it all together it’s likely to work well and look awesome.”

How many is too many?
“This is a difficult one as it varies for each person; everybody’s fingers are different so some may suit more or some may suit less. For example, my colleague has super long fingers so she can wear a lot more than I can, ” Keeley explains.

Some inspo:DIXI 7

All images from Dixi’s Instagram

Top tip #1 – invest.
“Sterling Silver is a great material, as long as it’s cared for properly, it can look brand new for many, many years,” Keeley said.

And the best thing is that sterling silver is actually quite affordable. Keeley agrees: “It allows people to have good quality jewels at good prices.”

rings 7_Fotorrings 6_Fotor

Rings: New Look multipack, Pandora Romance ring (Β£60), Dixi Vespers Sunset Lavender Opal ring, Dixi Angel Eyes Opal ring (similar here and here)

Top tip #2 – know your size.
The main thing I noticed when wearing my stack is that I lost a few rings as the day progressed – specifically the midi rings sat above my knuckles. They just seem to come off, some I found floating round the depths of my bag but some were never to be seen again. This isn’t too much of an annoyance if you bought cheap ones, but if you follow my previous snippet of advice and invest then it’s a kick in the teeth.

That’s why I’d suggest really making sure all the rings fit you nice and snug – not too tight though because that’s just uncomfortable! Find Dixi’s size guide here or read our guide on getting your rings adjusted.

rings 9_Fotor

Rings: Primark multipack

So, is it wearable?
That depends. I’d definitely wear this trend again, but not on a daily basis!Β The whole process of putting a stack together is a little high maintenance for my rushed mornings (although you’d probably get to know some combos you like with practice) and losing rings put me off a bit.

I do really like how it looks though, so for special occasions or if I’m looking to make a statement then yes.

“Stacked rings can be great to bring an outfit to life. If a person is comfortable with wearing a full stack every day, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t,” Keeley says.

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