Put a pin in it: enamel pins are taking over the Internet

A pinteresting trend

Pins are having a bit of a thing recently. Don’t get us wrong, people have been collecting pins for a long time, in fact Pin Trading has been a tradition in Disney Parks since 1999, but now pins are everywhere. Let’s call it the ~Disney Effect~.

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All salute to Rapunzel 🌞

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The US market jumped on the pin bandwagon a while ago but here in the UK we only seem to have really got on board in the last year.

Eliza, from The Little Wing Company, is an independent maker of enamel pins: “Originally, I noticed pins being a lot more popular in the USA, and other countries. The UK is slowly getting into the hype.”

The major appeal of pins is that they’re a temporary addition.”These pins are super cute and can be pinned anywhere,” Eliza tells us. You can pin them on jackets, move them around, take them off – and all in five minutes. It’s super easy to do and packs a punch of personality to otherwise plain clothes and accessories.

The second attraction of pins is the desire to collect and trade.

Eliza explains: “I think there’s a bit of a demand for them and people like to collect them.Β There’s lot’s of pin trading amongst the community and I think its pretty awesome.”

Pin designers and makers have blown up on social media. The hashtag #pinstagram is hugely popular with 269,887 people sharing their fave pins and collections with the world. The posts show a real community feel, among the makers, who share images of other maker’s pins and support one and other.

“I totally agree that for a business owner this is so helpful, and its so nice for other companies to support you.”

Shop The Little Wing Company here.

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