The company helping to save the rainforest one watch at a time

Buying a watch and helping a charity, what’s not to love?

Burlingham London, a British watch brand that was launched last year by two watch-loving friends, is helping protect rainforests with every single watch they sell.

The brand came to fruition in 2016 after an idea between Geoff Hunt and Henry Waddilove became a reality. They strived create a company that did more than sell watches but that did a little good in the world too.

And that they did. They teamed up with the charity Cool Earth to help save 200 square metres of rainforest with every watch they sell.

“Climate change is one of the bigger issues we’re facing and when we found Cool Earth it just seemed to offer the perfect balance between protecting the rainforests and doing it in a way that helped to empower people,” Geoff told us.

The charity work with villages in the rainforest and aim to give them back control of their livelihoods and prevent them from selling their precious land to the loggers who destroy the environment.

Geoff explains: “It gives the villagers the power to go to school, to buy their own medicine and start up their own businesses so that they can become self-sustainable.’

This is “one of the most effective ways of saving the rainforest” as it protects the villages around the perimeter, which stops loggers getting access to the rest of the trees.

“I’m really keen on effective altruism,” adds Geoff, “and Cool Earth really seems to make a difference.”


Visit the Burlingham London website here.

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