What buying my first designer bag meant to me

I love you, Mulberry Clifton

To many people owning a designer bag is deemed as unnecessary, greedy or vain but I’m sure as readers of Magpie you’ll understand it’s so much more.

To me buying my first ‘proper’ bag was a milestone filled with a lot of emotion, but most importantly an overwhelming sense of pride. What I’d just bought was, yes expensive, but beautiful. So bloody beautiful.Β And to me it symbolised the accumulation of hard work and earning money.

The way I see it is, people spend crazy amounts of money on art to hang on the walls of their home. Well this is the same – but different, because I’m wearing the art. Using the art.

At this point a certain Carrie Bradshaw SITC quote comes to mind: “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet.”


The bag in question is the small black Mulberry Clifton, with buttery soft grained leather and fancy gold hardware.


Purchasing it wasn’t a rash decision. Yes, I wanted it from the first moment I saw it (when it came into my life via a Facebook post) but I restrained myself, pondering if I would actually use it. It cost a lot of money and I needed to make sure it was the right decision.

And it so was. Every time I wear it I love it just as much as the first time I bought it.

Shopping for a designer bag isn’t just about buying it, but about the experience too. Going into the beautiful store, trying the bag, browsing and getting distracted by other bags … It’s all part of what made buying my first bag special. Nothing can compare to the feeling of being handed the perfectly wrapped shopping bag and walking out the shop knowing what’s inside it.

Owning a bag like this isn’t about bragging or showing it off. It’s about a personal sense of pride. I spent my own, well-earned money on that bag.

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